Exhibition at BETTINA Gallery, Paris.
Group show : JM Perier, Rancinan, de Azevedo


Self-taught photographer.
From my years spent as an art director for advertising agencies,
I kept the taste of the conception, the impact and efficacity of a simple image.

The important scale, large formats and the uniformity of the color’s presence
contribute to the singularity of my pictures.
The Library, Dressing and Office series (and others) reflect this simple concept.

I oblige the beholder to forget the shape by releasing the color. And conversely”.


Born in 1972 in Paris, France.
Lived and worked in Paris as art director & copywriter.
Went a year to NYC, for personal artistic projects.
Back in Paris as freelance art director, copywriter & graphic designer.
Moved to Capbreton, south west coast, France, to work as A.D and photographer.
Finaly back to my main artistic project.